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Thanks to the kind folks at Ayrshire College Student Association, AnyThink is getting two of our articles printed on paper in the college magazine! The printed articles are Brodie’s ‘Vigo Daft’, and another that was written specially for us by the college. You can read both when the magazine is distributed by Ayrshire College in the new year.

However, this also got us thinking. Would there be a possibility of printing an AnyThink News magazine for wider distribution?

The magazine would be around 30 pages long, printed on nice paper and bound with fancy gloss covers, and be specially designed each issue by the AnyThink team. These issues would probably be printed around 6 times a year, consisting of articles and rAeviews from the previous two months, as well as some exclusive content unique to the paper copy. These would then be posted directly to you, in return for a small subscription fee to cover printing and shipping costs.

This is just an idea, as this system would take a fair bit of setup to be viable. We’re just putting it out there to see your reaction to it. Would you be interested in getting a special paper copy of the AnyThink content? Do you have any other suggestions for the site? Let us know in the comments section of this post!

Thanks for your time,
The AnyThink News Team

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Tom Reid here, working behind the scenes of AnyThink right from the beginning. Most of my work here will look at Science and Tech news, and with a bit of gaming, travel and books/TV thrown in for good measure.

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