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Joe (Penn Badgley): “There you are, every account set to public. You want to be seen!.”

Spotted: Lonely Boy has his eyes set on a blonde, sound familiar? XOXO…. I mean this isn’t ‘Gossip Girl’ this is darker, so much more darker.

‘YOU’ is a brand new psychological thriller based on the novel with the same name written by Caroline Kepnes.

Meet ‘Lonely Boy’ Joe Goldberg an ordinary New York book store manager who quickly falls in love with customer Guinevere Beck a wannabe writer.


This works perfectly due to his knowledge of the literacy world and even helps him flirt more effectively with Beck as time goes on. From the get go he is obsessive, he want’s Beck in his life, slowly making his way through her social media pages building up an immense knowledge of her profile. Kind of like ‘Criminal Minds’ but not for anything good.

It turns out Beck has another man in the picture, a man that only seems to use her for sex, Joe finds this out and tries to give her the respect she so definitely wants but she doesn’t budge. Until, Joe kidnaps her eh, bed partner Benji and when Beck tries to get in touch with him Joe has his phone controlling the narrative.

Then there’s Peach who is also obsessed with Beck and totally in love with her, so when Joe comes along, this guy who will do anything for Beck makes Peach decide this guy is a threat to their future together so does everything in her power to destroy Joe and Becks connection even going to the extremes of trying to guilt trip Beck into staying in Paris with her.

Overall the show is very well written, it begins as a slow burn and gets more and more exciting as it goes on. Penn Badgley and Elizabeth Lail both take turns at narrating this07-you.w700.h700 series and Lail also takes her turn at being the stalker which is a nice wee turnaround fitting with the overall narrative, it’s as if Joe has subconsciously rubbed off on Beck making her unknowingly take on those creepy traits (For example Joe gets a new girlfriend and Beck keeps turning up  infront of them)

In a show filled with murder, lies and stalking where none of the characters are actually good ‘YOU’ is a show that hooks you wanting more.

you_101_08282017_jm_0417-h_2018Luckily it’s been renewed for a second season so we get to see more of what Joe will get up to and after that rollercoaster season finale the audience deserves much more to get their teeth into. The trailer below shows you that they wanted to give it a love story feel but as it goes on the darkness becomes more evident in that world. I would highly recommend this show that will have you criminal profiling everyone in your life: A high 8.5/10 from me on this one!!

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