Vigo Daft

by Brodie Donohoe

1512502_336190009889216_3421379896936372894_nOn the 3rd October Vigo Thieves played The Venue Dumfries as part of their Vigo Daft tour. Support came from Cammy Black Music, a band from Annan. I am lucky enough to have seen both of these bands several times and they never disappoint.

To begin with the relaxed atmosphere of The Venue was very strange when paired with the upbeat rock music, but it wasn’t long until everyone was up on their feet jumping around and singing along! Cammy Black have great stage presence and are brilliant at interacting with the crowd. Their music is incredible- the mixture of guitar solos, bass, drums, strong vocals and even a harmonica fit together perfectly. I would definitely recommend going to see this band live if you enjoy good Scottish rock music!


Vigo Thieves are arguably one of the best Scottish bands around right now which is easily proven when you see them live. They have played festivals such as T in The Park, Wickerman and, a brand new festival of this year, Electric Fields. As well as their success with touring they have been


1959635_336189716555912_8155711942264159999_nfeatured on Visit Scotland’s Homecoming 2014 advert. Vigo Thieves are an amazing live band, it’s impossible to put into words the atmosphere at one of their gigs. They have the perfect mixture of upbeat rock songs and mellow ones- along with a few saxophone and flute solos which all fit together into the genre that they call themselves- Heart & Soul.
Overall the gig was a great success and I would urge you to try and see these bands live at some point- you won’t regret it!

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