Timeless (2018) Finale Review


Lucy (Abigail Spencer): “Everybody loses someone that they love. And no matter how badly they want to, they can’t get them back. And in spite of that, they find a way to go on. That’s everyone’s history.”

Timeless is the series that was resurrected three days after cancellation thus proving the voices of the fans can be heard if they speak loud enough.

When the second series of Timeless was released I was sceptical at first – Would it retain the heart it had when it began, will the story be as riveting. Oh, I was wrong the show was downright incredible. It was everything it was, everything it should be and everything it could be.

Series One had its fair share of adventures and then series two developed the characters more with a lot of twists and turns that gets the brain burning with who do we trust, why is Rittenhouse actually a thing?

We last saw the characters in the Mason Industries warehouse as another Time Machine arrived prompting a reaction from all the character to see who is in it.maxresdefault

Once the door opens it is revealed…

Future Wyatt and Future Lucy from 2023 coming to tell them they can save Rufus who was kidnapped by Rittenhouse agents not long previous.

The Christmas finale began about ten seconds after the last episode ended with Future Wyatt and Lucy giving their time machine to the present Wyatt, Lucy and Flynn.There are side effects though, you shouldn’t interact with yourself in another time.

This episode manages to wrap up most of all the important loose ends which is what it aimed to do after the cancellation order but it also managed to leave it open without needing a necessary continuation.

The ongoing threat with this episode was what if an enemy makes a time machine. Think the arms race but with time machines. So that’s there excuse for keeping one, just incase they need to go to war…..What could go wrong?

Timeless was great and this was a good send off.



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