There’s No Escape!


By Kris Scott

No Escape directed by John Erick Dowdle. The film stars Owen Wilson in a meh serious role (better than Behind Enemy Lines) Pierce Brosnan and Lake Bell. 

In their new overseas home, an American family soon finds themselves caught in the middle of a coup, and they frantically look for a safe escape in an environment where foreigners are being immediately executed this is somehow caused by the country making deals with corporations to get fresh drinking water.

This takes over from the whole blood for oil argument that people seem to make which makes this film a little less realistic.

The country that the film is set also does not exist, as it somehow fits between Thailand and Vietnam to prevent causing an uproar in the Asian communities.

While they make their way across a country doing things like- throwing their kids off of roofs and that. They meet a supposed ex pat who has a particular set of skills (Pierce Brosnan) who adds a lot of character to a film which doesn’t have much development as it is. This is due to all the running, shooting, shock and awe. Oh and the executions on the street.no_escape_ver3_xxlg

Yeah, the film was exciting and at certain points you were like don’t get yourself killed but some of the scenes were laughable, come on he threw his young child from a tall building to a slightly smaller building and if his wife missed her, man that would have been gory.

For myself it’s a mediocre action film with a clichéd storyline that is a little bumpy, the characters are played well by the actors and another negative was the over use of slow motion post edit work.

Kris Scott’s AnyThink Score- ***


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