The AnyThink News Team



I’m Kris Scott, one of the founders of the AnyThink franchise; I’m 22 years old and have an interest in everything connected with the media. My experience includes being an extra and having featured parts in some tv shows. I like to explore my imagination through writing and creating magic by directing some short films and I’m currently working on my first original feature. For as long as I can remember I’ve had an interest in current affairs and being able to take part in something like this is great thing. I have a passion for Photography (all kinds) and Travelling along with TV Shows, Films and Acting as well as Journalism come as part of the package and I hope you all enjoy your time here and take interest in what we write and post.  My personal YouTube channel can be found here- Kris Scott’s YouTube Channel


I’m Wallis Bell, I’ve been involved with Anythink! since the ea32153195_2478151122209470_4463459279633907712_nrly days in all different ways. I have studied as a makeup artist, worked with Ayrshire charities and currently have my own personal art business Wallis Bell Art (shameless plug). I’ll be posting all sorts of articles and videos (coming soon) on things such as TV/Film, Professional Wrestling, the odd gaming piece and reviews of everything else I experience in my wild, crazy, completely off the chain life.
Hint the sarcasm.
I hope you enjoy my content, be sure to comment on anything you enjoy and wish to see more of! Suggestions always more than welcome.



Hi, I’m Rachel and you can look forward to in depth discussions about conspiracy theories and all things creepy, with a side of my very strong feelings for TV shows and characters if you’re looking for something lighter. I am beyond excited to be joining AnyThink! News to bring to you a selection of dark and twisted stories from Ayr and the greater area, along with various conspiracies and real life cases from further afield, can’t wait to share my thoughts with you.  


48266872_2103346196398217_8592261996122996736_nHi, I’m Stephen. I look forward to talking with you all through the podcasts, which will be starting on the site and on our YouTube channel soon! My main topics will include wrestling, sports, gaming and all things conspiracy and creep. I also act in my free time for AnyThink Productions and others, so look out for news about our current production, Love My Way in a Northern Town.



My name is Ric McQuade and unlike my colleagues here, I do not possess many of the traits and qualifications that are useful for in-depth journalism. However, I know stuff. VERY RANDOM STUFF. Mostly to do with wrestling, in particular the WWE and all things Formula 1. So I’m happy to be a part time member of AnyThink! Bringing you wrestling related content and incoherence in podcast form every month, as well as random tidbits on sometimes obscure topics ranging from “Bottle size variations of the world” to “Was I always this bad at games?”


48377293_2249224181754416_716785713344937984_nHi, I’m Alexis I’ll be covering conspiracy theories, supernatural things, featuring on podcasts. You can also expect me to rant about numerous things, such as video game releases and games I spent my childhood screaming at. As well as many things that jingle my bells, positively and negatively.