The Guest (2014 Film)

By Kris Scott

The_Guest_Film_Poster‘The Guest’ is a psychological thriller directed by Adam Wingard and written by Simon Barrett. The film stars Dan Stevens, Maika Monroe, Brendan Meyer, and Lance Reddick.

The film follows David Collins (Dan Stevens), who visits the family of a soldier called Caleb, allegedly David is a friend Caleb had when he served but not everyone believes his story.

‘I’m a soldier, man. I like guns’ – David Collins (Dan Stevens)

Read on, if you dare (SPOILERS):

Along his journey he makes friends with each family member first it’s Luke (Brendan Meyer) the younger sibling of Caleb, he is being bullied at school and can’t find the words to tell his parents, but soon however opens up to David. This leads to David following the bullies to a bar and beats them to the point of incapacitation. The action scene at this point was fluid and nicely shot with some good looking fight choreography.

Anna (Maika Monroe) still distrusts David and it’s not until she invites him to a party you can tell she has a wee crush on him. At this party he still manages to beat up another fella and catches the eye of Anna’s friend Kristen (Tabatha Shaun).

Anna becomes suspicious again when she eavesdrops on a phone call David is having resulting in Anna calling the military base David was supposedly discharged from this acts as a stimulus for the final act. Lance Reddick is Major Carver he was part of a medical experiment that conducted tests on David making him the polite psychopath he really is. From this point forward the tension is at its peak we don’t know how many people he is going to kill only for seeing David for who he really is a good example is in the diner and we see how easily it is for him to kill people without having a visible effect on the killer, Stephens pulls David off perfectly in a story that is like ‘Halloween’ and ‘The Terminator’ respectively.

I enjoyed the story, yes it’s similar to other films but it did seem different in its own way and Wingards pacing was perfect managing to maintain my interest from start to finish. The closing line from Anna ‘What the fuck?’ also is like the audience thinking what the hell is going on right now but in a good way of course.

Favourite bit from the film after Luke attacks his bully for calling him hateful words and beats him with a measuring stick, well when Luke describes this to David he replies ‘Awesome’.

My score today is 5 stars for the psychological thriller from director Adam Wingard.


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