The Grinch, 2018 Movie Review

By Wallis Bell


As a child, I absolutely loved The Grinch. I would watch it nightly before bed, sometimes not even at Christmas. But one day, for some reason it all changed. I don’t quite remember how or why, but somewhere between childhood and teenagerdom, I became absolutely terrified of the fluffy green bastard.

I mean genuinely terrified. Cold sweats, hairs standing on end, everything. He still terrifies me to this day, however I no longer have to avoid Facebook from November to January as I can now look at the memes without keeling over in fright. So when my best friend asked if I wanted to go and see the animated remake starring Benadryl Crumblesnizzle, I was a bit apprehensive to say the least.

As I anxiously waited in the dark, seated in the back row of the cinema for a speedy exit if necessary, I watched children pile in excitedly as I shakily grasped my Tango Ice Blast. Within minutes, I was almost crying. With laughter.


There are a few obvious changes to the film. Mainly in the story line and plot, as they differ considerably. First of all, no one seems to know who Grinch is. The people of the town aren’t scared of him, they have no idea he exists. He only ventures into town in the beginning because he needs some shopping for Max, his amazing, beautiful, fantastic little dog.

This new outlook on Grinch from the townspeople fits well into the main plot, as it is shown in this adaption that Grinch distances himself from the town as he has a fear of rejection from his childhood (consistent to the Jim Carrey adaption). Even though the townspeople greet him warmly as he passes and welcome him, he ignores their kindness. The protective choice of years of isolation have bittered him.

As a kid’s film, it’s great. It teaches many valuable lessons to impressionable children that the first one definitely didn’t, thanks to the newly revamped plot, like how valuable inclusion and a positive outlook can be. Moreover, another great feature in this film is how Grinch’s own fears are addressed. He doesn’t hide away from his feelings or translate them into anger, unlike the 2000’s release of the Seuss classic, although many would argue that this film was better for many reasons. It’s live action, the misanthropic humour is rife and relatable to many. Nonetheless, Benedict Cumberbatch’s drawling voice adds to the character, by not having to rely on too many cheap insults and self-deprecating gags, and portrays his miserable character in a more subtle way.

All the same, this 2018 reboot definitely gets its money’s worth when it comes to slapstick. As is becoming more and more evident in kids animation, slapstick comedy is so easily achieved thanks to the ability to manipulate timing in animation. The film may rely a bit too much on it for some adults, but bearing in mind the age group it is primarily aimed at, it is very well executed.

I’m not afraid to admit that I laughed a bit too much at this film. Although not as explicit as the Carrey version, there is still plenty of self-deprecating humour and close to the bone humour for the adults grudgingly dragged to see it with their kids. In saying that, it is a great film. It’s perfect for a rainy day trip to the cinema and get everyone in the Christmas zone with it’s hearty and feel good message delivering an exceeding amount of “Christmas Spirit” and a big helping of the warm and fuzzies as Grinch is finally accepted by the town and most importantly himself. Awww.

It truly is a contender for the annual Christmas Eve viewing in your jammies before Santa arrives. Only 35 days!

The Grinch is in cinemas now!

Also if you get the chance, check out the new recording of “You’re a Mean One” by Tyler the Creator for the movie, a true BOP!

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