Bebo is back from the dead

By Frazer stobbs


Some of you old enough to remember a time before Facebook might remember Bebo, a social media website that allowed users to post blog style posts on their wall. Back in 2005, after an initial success, Bebo spent 5 years in limbo with different owners trying to resurrect it. After losing most of its users to Facebook, the original founders bought it back, shut it down, and began work on the new Bebo.

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IPhone 6Plus late to the bending party

By Peter Litman

iphone6 1Hoards of people, unwavered in their technological bias, were delighted to find that Apples latest and greatest announcement – the iPhone 6 Plus, which applied many different tech trends to its new design, had bent in unsuspecting users pockets. Continue reading “IPhone 6Plus late to the bending party” »