Banshee Season 3: “We All Pay Eventually”

By Kris Scott

Se1004072_408697569239550_632755305_nason 3 of Banshee came to an end on Friday the 13th a date that has become infamous to be a day of unluckiness.

Warning: SPOILERS for the episode follow…

Can the same be said for this episode of Banshee?

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Black Sails sets its course for Season 2.

By Kris Scott

black-sailsBlack Sails returned and we got to see more Flint and Silver this time trying to survive both Spanish soldiers and their own former crewmen.

This episode was a great opener to the new season beginning with some classic Black Sails action, some pirates taking a vessel and looting the cargo then deciding to massacre the crew leaving no witnesses even though they surrendered peacefully. We learn that this character is Captain Low, one of history’s most feared pirates.

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