The Return of Pee Wee Herman

by Peter Litman

Paul Reubens, creator of beloved 80s children’s character Pee Wee Herman, has recently announced that his flagship role will be making a comeback in a new production.

Production of the movie had been stalling for almost four years; in an interview with Rolling Stone, Reubens said that the production had been “stalling and stalling” for four years but went on to say that the films arrival was “very imminent” and that there should be an announcement shortly after new year.

Evidently, the character will soon return to the big screen for another big adventure.

IPhone 6Plus late to the bending party

By Peter Litman

iphone6 1Hoards of people, unwavered in their technological bias, were delighted to find that Apples latest and greatest announcement – the iPhone 6 Plus, which applied many different tech trends to its new design, had bent in unsuspecting users pockets. Continue reading “IPhone 6Plus late to the bending party” »