Nolliag Chridheil

By Wallis Bell

Cinnamon an’ orange scents,
Fill the air.
Wrappin’ paper discarded,
Flung everywhere.

The carpet sparkles,
Where the glitter fell,
Off the cards fae yir family,
Wishin’ you well.

Parents sit proud,
Sippin’ their coffee.
Yer da’ in the arm chair,
Openin’ his toffee.

Smiles an’ laughter,
Swell in the room.
Fur oan this day,
There’s nae feelin’ o’ gloom.

There is only family,
Laughter an’ love.
An’ maybe at some point,
A burnt oven glove.

But the turkey can burn,
The rain can fa’ doon.
But ye’ll still be happy,
Yir family’s a’ roon.

Instead ye’ll hear jokes,
Dae puzzles, play games.
Maybe take photies,
Ti’ fill Maw’s new frame.

When plates are a’ cleaned,
An’ dinner is done.
We’ll a’ leave the table,
Ti’ have some mair fun.

The big quiz book opens,
Yer da’ picks a page.
Yer maw tries ti’ answer,
Wi’oot showin’ her age.

The pub quiz finishes,
For yir family an’ friends.
Shortly efter that,
The festive day ends.

You wash some mair cups,
Dessert plates an’ glasses.
Still, yir in awe,
Ae how fast Christmas passes.

This happy time’s here,
Fur nae time at a’.
So  have a gid yin,
Merry Christmas, an’ Happy New Year ti’ a’.

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