Logan – The Ultimate Finale of the Wolverine! Review by Kris Scott

519-film-page-thumbnailCharles Xavier (Patrick Stewart): Logan… I have to pee.

LOGAN (2017) directed by James Mangold is a brilliant piece of work. If you read any further you will be spoiled.

Logan is an action driven modern ‘western’ (James Mangold also directed 3:10 to Yuma, he’s definitely taken some things from that) which features some of the best performances from it’s credited cast. More notable from Hugh Jackman as the titular character and Dafne Keen who plays X-23, for someone who is mute for the vast majority of the film has such spectacular control over her body language that she can act without having to speak. logan-dafne-keenHer facial expressions are a prime example.

The film also plays like a road trip movie with references to ‘Old Man Logan’ drawn by Scottish Comic Artist Mark Millar. However, it only features minor points from this story- he’s old and he’s on a road trip. It doesn’t feature the ultimate villainous take over of America (probably because it would be too unrealistic)

Logan is a broken and scarred mutant literally, he drives limos for an uber like company. Who would think that THE WOLVERINE would be driving people around in limos. But that doesn’t last long. The BBFC 15 rating is obvious from the opening scene when a few gangsters try to steal his wheel caps and shoot Logan point blank with a shotgun. They don’t expect him to get back up however, he does because he’s the wolverine. The claws come out though some not as much as others and he still manages to kick ass as per usual. But thats when you realise. He’s old, he doesn’t heal the same. 800x400-logan-wolverine-hugh-jackmanThe audience are now just thinking survive the next fight, survive the one after that and so on. But it’s not the only fight he is involved in. He is fighting himself through some heavy alcohol binges to try and take his mind of what happened those many years ago in Westchester (I’m not spoiling everything).

Prof. X is in hiding under the protection of Caliban (the mutant tracker) and also Logan who is more his carer, making sure that he takes his medication (which he stops) This is a bad thing because Prof. X has been classed as a WMD because he is old and suffers from a dementia like disease which doesn’t allow him the same control over his powers like when he was much younger. There’s an example when the bad guys attack the casino that Logan, X-23 and Prof. X are holed up in. He ended up causing mass temporary paralysis (which looks quite sore from the pain in the supporting artists faces).

Now back to Dafne Keen’s amazing X-23. Wow just wow. Every moment she was on screen she was in control. The brutality she employed while angry was impressive and head decapitatingly (new word) bloody.19-095942-the_final_logan_trailer_puts_x_23_on_display It was definitely what it needed and to give Logan someone else to care about after losing Jean previously; it was beautifully portrayed with the clashing at first to the respect they finally had for one another.

This was the best way to finish up the trilogy with a road trip and personal journey coming to a definite conclusion for our favourite superheroes.

Back to the quote at the beginning of this review- Go pee before you see!

Ofcourse I wish that I could watch more wolverine but I’m glad we have this high note to go out on!


If you haven’t watched it yet then go and watch it because you’re being stupid reading this.

My Rating- 5 Stars


  • Beautiful cinematography
  • Amazing chemistry between the three leads
  • Brilliantly choreographed action set pieces
  • One last journey with the Wolverine
  • Dafne Keen, Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart



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