Halloween (2018) – Reviewed by Kris Scott


Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis): He is a killer. But he will be killed tonight.

Halloween (2018) was an unexpected hit, I went into the cinema with low expectations due to the previous instalments which for me destroyed this franchise created by horror mastermind John Carpenter those forty years ago.
Fortunately David Gordon Green (known for Joe (2013), Stronger (2017) and Pineapple Express (2008)) done a great job in bringing back this franchise to be the intensely driven film it was intended to be. Then you’ve got a script by Danny McBride, the guy who’s always playing the silly or humorous character, this just like ‘Get Out (2017)’ shows you that when people go out there comfort zones they can make great products.

halloween-2018-michael-laurie-1528401378763Much like a lot of reboots (and sequels) that have come out in recent months there has been a lot of references to the previous films which was nice to see as story wise it didn’t acknowledge the previous stories but it gave a nod to most of them.

Throughout this film there’s a lot of good shooting – the lighting is incredible, there’s good use of shadows. There’s even a long single take (I love my good long takes) which you can see the start of here(this scene is also a reference to Halloween 2 (1981)-

The film begins at the Smiths Grove sanatorium where Michael has been imprisoned, a couple of true crime enthusiasts go there to try and confront Michael and see if he’ll talk but he doesn’t. They also meet the Dr Loomis of this film Dr Sartain who just comes across as your average Psychiatrist at this point.

halloween-mask-1528402308272When Michael doesn’t speak it motivates the enthusiasts to go and visit Laurie Strode in her isolated estate where she has an armoury, booby traps and some amazing lighting. But again this doesn’t really go their way in terms of getting a lot of info, even when they bribe her.


In terms of storyline it was fairly linear and not convulted, there was a simple amount of characters with pretty good development from start to finish, yeah some of the characters were fairly cliched but its the acting, directing and dialogue that made it better.

Bonnie and Clyde role reversal

There’s a theme throughout the film – role reversal and it starts of with Andi Matichak alongside her boyfriend in the film Dylan Arnold switching the gender roles of Bonnie and Clyde.

Throughout the film the others are including references from previous films like:


I can’t remember which film but in this one it’s the girlfriend thats under the sheets and in the other film it’s the boyfriend.

The psychiatrist Dr Loomis helps the good guys but in this one Dr Sartain helps Michael. Michael is being hunted by Laurie Strode where as previously she was hunted.aa68-d014-02428-1528382628424 There’s a great scene at her house where Laurie is thrown out the window like Michael was and he looks out after being distracted and her body has gone (sound familiar).

Even the ending, the house was in the middle of nowhere so that Michael could one day be lead there to die and that’s what Laurie does, then traps him and lights the place on fire. But is Michael really dead? I think no because I believe Michael is an idea a shape (film reference) and if people still remember him or know him then he’s not going anywhere, anytime soon!

I’d also like to say John Carpenter’s music in this was highly appreciated and helped make the film what it is, it wouldn’t have been as good without the master himself being on board.



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