Hacker Fight – Who Wins?

by Zak McJannet

This week, we have seen a lot of arguments between the hacker groups ‘Lizard Squad’, ‘Finest Squad’ and ‘Anonymous’. You could say that this series of events got serious very quickly, and have put a huge amount of public information at risk.

The brief story was that ‘Lizard Squad’ said that they are taking down the Playstation Network and XBox Live. The ‘Finest Squad’ topped this by announcing they would stop Lizard if they get enough donations. They got the money, but failed to stop Lizard Squad. Now Anonymous has jumped in and said that Lizard were wrong to do what they did, but Finest Squad are actually phonies!

That is about it so far, but it is important to note that XBox Live went down on christmas day, and there are still major Playstation Network issues. Peace!

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