From Edinburgh to Westeros

By Kris Scott

It was March 31st and I was all ready for my trip to Croatia, the train ride to Edinburgh was pleasant, no children running about screaming. It was just peace and quiet.

Once we reached Edinburgh Haymarket there was a bit more hustle and bustle with passengers coming in from all over Scotland. We exited the train station to the tram stop, evidently the tram we were to catch. We weren’t able to get on it because it has a schedule to keep so we had to wait for a bus instead.

The bus however wasn’t too shabby, the seats were leather and it was empty all the way to the airport.

The next day it was an early rise to catch our flight, we got over to the airport and hung about for a few hours until eventually being told that our flight was cancelled due to storms over Amsterdam (Originally we were to fly from Edinburgh to Amsterdam to Zagreb ending in Dubrovnik) now that we knew that we were escorted to a desk in the airport with Swissport above the desk, we both thought that was the end as the fella infront of us was told he was going via Paris the next day, but we wouldn’t be up for that. The first operator we were with couldn’t get anything then the lady next to him came to the rescue and found us a flight to Heathrow, Madrid and then Dubrovnik arriving 4 hours earlier than what our original time was.

First things first we received the boarding passes and looked at our first one, we were flying business with BA to Heathrow. Two teenagers flying business, doesn’t happen often I don’t think. I was sitting next to a lady going to Washington D.C. and a man reading the paper. The lady going to Washington D.C. was a much more interesting person to talk to.

Heathrow was busy, very, very busy, though what do you expect? (Nothing exciting happened here)

We arrived in Madrid in one of the Iberia planes, I sat next to two people from Spain, there was no conversation.

Eventually when we arrived in Dubrovnik and were met with the realisation that our luggage had actually made it through to the final destination.

A man in the lobby stood with my name on a sign, he offered to take my luggage but I was too polite to let him. It was about half an hour later we reached the hotel, it was closed.

The driver got out the car and looked through the glass, nothing was there apart from a piece of paper, A4 in size placed around the middle of the window. We have been moved to a hotel just up the road.  That is the tale of how we ended up in Croatia.1471257_1039792559367720_1164466054848774707_n

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