By Rae McEwen, 

Everything is white. I am alone. Am I? no, someone is here, sitting mirror like next to me.

We have been here for a long time. 

White. Everywhere.

Someone enters and kneels beside me, beckons me to stand. We both stand, my friend and I. 

They can’t see her, my friend that mirrors. She is something hidden just for me. She stands behind us now, maybe she will get us out. 

Red. Everywhere.

It sprayed across my face, my friend is holding something sharp and red. She is gone now, I look down. I am holding something, I drop it to the floor. Red spatters.

More people are here, they lift the first person and leave. One stays behind and pats my shoulder before leaving and closing the door. The key turns. I am never getting out of here.

My friend is back, I look into her eyes. She strokes my hair and smiles. Her smile is wide, too wide; her teeth are sharp, too sharp. Her eyes are black.

Black. Everywhere.

She is not my friend

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