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Welcome back to another series of ‘Clique’ you know that show I spoke about recently. It returned on BBC 3 about six weeks ago for another hotly anticipated series. This time around the series looks into toxic masculinity aswell as feminism and the negative effects of both.
Holly is now in her second year with her best pal no where to be seen after the series one finale. No wonder I suppose. Watch the trailer here:

From the trailer you can see that Louise is still in the series playing a much larger role than in the first. The story goes like this – Louise and Holly are now living together with a couple of other students who are also activists called Rayna and Fraser, but Holly rarely takes an interest in them due to focusing on working then sleeping.

After exposing the finance scandal from the first series leads to Holly not really wanting to hang with her flat mates because she feels thats what they’ll make her talk about but this is not something she wants to explore so soon after it unveiled secrets from her past.

One night at work she meets Ben who is definitely stealing the wi-fi from the pub Holly is employed. It turns out he runs this online media entity called Twitcher. After finishing her shift she bumps into p06rhbxhJack who is the leader of this new group.

In the first episode of the second series they sneak into a debate where students are telling the Dean of the campus their concerns at the Uni, the lads then put their plan into action. They drop snowflakes onto the students causing an uproar, hoping to trigger them. (This was controversial according to the internet.)

The directors of the episodes use a lot of tight camera shots to show how close the characters this is very effective as the story progresses, because it shows they don’t want to let people in.

Again Holly is an outsider in this world being a female slowly assimilating into a toxic Rachelworld yet again and guess who is still hiding in the background Rachel Maddox!!! This amazing character returns from the first series. She is great in this as she manipulates her way yet again into Holly’s life yet again but this time from the confines of a mental health facility.

As the series goes on you can never tell who is worth your trust but it definitely keeps you on your toes, with more twists and tb73ffeae-4316-488b-82c0-ce3dea4f737d-16806767-low_res-cliqueurns than the cities closes.

Now go watch the series for yourself cause from me its an amazing 9/10!!!!!

For its story, it’s writing and it’s development. It’s well worth anyones time, uni students or not. Listen to the amazing title sequence music here:


It’s criminal how underrated this tv show really is, it’s time to tell the world about ‘Clique’.



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