Clique Series 1 – Review by Kris Scott


The Scottish drama that you probably didn’t know about created by the talented former p06qh2jp‘Skins’ writer Jesse Brittain.

‘Clique’ follows Holly McStay played by a relatively new comer called Synnøve Karlsen (When you watch this show you’d think she’s been doing this for ages). Holly is a university student just beginning her first year in Edinburgh with her best pal since childhood Georgia Cunningham (How rare is that in real life?)

One day they go into a lecture led by the charismatic Jude McDermid and her brand of feminism lures both Holly and Georgia to discover more.

As the first episode goes on Georgia becomes ever more distant to her 48385089_10161150212175228_245701588511883264_nonce best friend and begins following a ‘clique’ of bright students that  she feels she now identifies with as they have a similar view on the feminism that Jude spoke about. However, it turns out that Jude is the alpha of this so called ‘clique’. As time passes Holly continues to try and reconnect with Georgia but is left as an outcast which motivates her to try and enter this closely guarded circle to find out what is happening.

ec2a49b1-1236-4b2c-9187-fed53ba4e79f-c935f8ff-f335-4c3e-ab03-d86c1e0b283fShe finds out at the lavish parties this circle is populated by Edinburgh’s most powerful men and women leading to Holly exposing it’s corrupt core. This proves to be a lot more dangerous than imagined and Holly’s past is threatened to resurface.

‘Clique’ has noir like undertones but looks at modern university life with a bit of added drama, the team definitely make good use of the city and Scotland as a location, I remember reading an article that stated that this could be the next ‘Gossip Girl’ personally I don’t think it’s like ‘Gossip Girl’ unless its the fashion aspect they’re talking about, in terms of students and the shows demographics wanting to dress like the characters. Who doesn’t want to look elegant? Have a look at the trailer:

If you enjoy a good mystery drama with great twists and writing then I do highly recommend this and you may think it would be more directed towards a female audience but you’d be wrong…. It’s got great characters and stories that are worth your time and attention. Though if you go to Uni, these are the groups you probably want to avoid.


Clique Series One: 9/10


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