The Wedding – by Sonny Donald

Andy Gemmel was content, everything was going well, no hitches. He leaned on the bedroom windowsill and looked out, it was a glorious day, God was on his side. He was best man at his best friends wedding, which was due to take place in three hours. He had organised the stag night last night and had ensured Jimmy was returned home safe and sound, they had a boisterous evening with sing songs and a lot of ribald chat. He had ensured Jimmy was not chained to a lamppost  or put on a train to Edinburgh, he had been very responsible he thought rather smugly. He had stayed at Jimmy’s house last night, to ensure there were no last minute disasters. He had checked that the taxi’s would arrive on time and phoned Brenda’s house to make sure everything was alright at that end. The bridesmaid informed him Brenda was nervous and rather giggly, but they would ensure everything went like clockwork.

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The Last Fan – by Sonny Donald

Clifford Percival sighed as he looked forlornly at the telephone, it had been a long time since it had rung, a very long time. He recalled when his phone was never silent, agents, directors and producers all wishing to speak to him. His eyes moved to the mirror, turning side on he noticed a small paunch, taking a deep breath he grunted with satisfaction as it disappeared. He held his breath for as long as possible, then exhaled noisily and watched the paunch reappear. He looked at his left profile, not bad, not bad at all. This was always his best side, the cameras loved this side, he was sure that he could pass for forty, with a bit of judicious lighting and a touch of make up.

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