Black Mirror: Bandersnatch (2018) Review


On 28 December 2018, Netflix released the interactive psychological thriller, Bandersnatch.  Released as a film accompaniment to the award winning series Black Mirror, the focus of Bandersnatch carries the same warning that we’ve come to know and love from episodes; the potential dangers of the increasing advancement of technology. Continue reading “Black Mirror: Bandersnatch (2018) Review” »

Timeless (2018) Finale Review


Lucy (Abigail Spencer): “Everybody loses someone that they love. And no matter how badly they want to, they can’t get them back. And in spite of that, they find a way to go on. That’s everyone’s history.”

Timeless is the series that was resurrected three days after cancellation thus proving the voices of the fans can be heard if they speak loud enough.

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Top 8 Most Heartbreaking Harry Potter Deaths

By Wallis Bell


Like many other of my generation, Harry Potter was a major part of my childhood. With the first film released in 2001 when I was five, and the last being released in 2011 when I was fourteen, it’s taken up almost half my life at this point.

With that being said, watching characters that had guided me through adolescence dropping like flies was nothing short of heartbreaking.

I decided to make this list as I still mourn, and have not yet managed to get a life.

Without further adieu, I will once again thrust my unwanted opinion upon the internet in the form of the Top 8 Most Heartbreaking Harry Potter Deaths.

Tissues at the ready, therapist on speed dial.

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Ten TV Shows That Have Had Their Day

By Wallis Bell


Binging TV shows is all too easy these days. Even currently, my fiance and I are binging Law and Order:SVU as well as The Office US. With online streaming services being so readily available, it’s hard not to fall into the trap of getting through a 20 episode of 40 minutes series in no time at all. However, it can get tiresome sitting in one space for hours on end doing nothing but staring at a screen. Some shows seem endless. And yes, it was Law and Order: SVU that inspired this list. With that, here’s ten shows that need to just – stop.


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YOU — Review by Kris Scott



Joe (Penn Badgley): “There you are, every account set to public. You want to be seen!.”

Spotted: Lonely Boy has his eyes set on a blonde, sound familiar? XOXO…. I mean this isn’t ‘Gossip Girl’ this is darker, so much more darker.

‘YOU’ is a brand new psychological thriller based on the novel with the same name written by Caroline Kepnes.

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Clique Series 2 – Review by Kris Scott





Welcome back to another series of ‘Clique’ you know that show I spoke about recently. It returned on BBC 3 about six weeks ago for another hotly anticipated series. This time around the series looks into toxic masculinity aswell as feminism and the negative effects of both.
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