Hacker Fight – Who Wins?

by Zak McJannet

This week, we have seen a lot of arguments between the hacker groups ‘Lizard Squad’, ‘Finest Squad’ and ‘Anonymous’. You could say that this series of events got serious very quickly, and have put a huge amount of public information at risk. Continue reading “Hacker Fight – Who Wins?” »

Bebo is back from the dead

By Frazer stobbs


Some of you old enough to remember a time before Facebook might remember Bebo, a social media website that allowed users to post blog style posts on their wall. Back in 2005, after an initial success, Bebo spent 5 years in limbo with different owners trying to resurrect it. After losing most of its users to Facebook, the original founders bought it back, shut it down, and began work on the new Bebo.

Continue reading “Bebo is back from the dead” »

QWERTY: A Question of Keyboards

by Tom Reid

Any KeyFor decades now, people the world over have used the same basic layout of letters and symbols on keyboards. From typewriters to Ipads, this arrangement, known as QWERTY, has dominated over all others. But the question is, out of the millions of key combinations, why this one and not the other, sometimes more advantageous ones? Continue reading “QWERTY: A Question of Keyboards” »

Are E-Sports really a sport?

by Zak McJannet

ES1Many people call Electronic or Video Game Sports ‘invalid’, and don’t consider them a sport at all. Personally, I believe that E-Sports is a ‘real’ sport, as the point of sport is to give entertainment to a audience. E-Sports rakes in massive viewership, from individuals scrimming to professional competitions. It truly is a sport on the rise. Continue reading “Are E-Sports really a sport?” »

The History of the AK-47

by Stewart Killen

AK47Injured in a Soviet tank while fighting the Germans in World War II, Mikhail Timofeyevich Kalashnikov was sent to a Soviet hospital. He had seen the success the Germans had with their Blitzkrieg warfare firsthand, and Kalashnikov devoted his life to building a firearm that would defend the Motherland from the Germans. Kalashnikov ingeniously visualized a firearm that was simpler than the rest of the guns used at the time, that were trying to be complex and high-tech. The AK was the complete opposite of these guns. Continue reading “The History of the AK-47” »