Love, My Way in a Northern Town – Coming 2019!!

Love, My Way in a Northern Town follows Rosanna, a 17 year old brought up in a middle to high class family, Her parents made their money in the mining industry which is now beginning to decline with the rise of Thatcherism. As an English girl trying to fit into Scottish society, Rosanna struggles when she falls in love with a boy from a working class family. As they bond over their shared taste of music, they realise they’re more similar than they thought in 1980’s Glasgow.

AnyThink Update – Hiatus and New Project

Hi readers, Tom from AnyThink News here. As you’ve probably noticed, the AnyThink website has become pretty lifeless recently, and this certainly hasn’t gone unnoticed by us either.

However, due to unforeseeable circumstances, the writing of new content really has declined. A few of our writers have left altogether, and many of us have little time to write because of our ‘real’ lives. This is unfortunate and a little discouraging, so we’re making a point of getting our fingers out and really pushing to get new content for you guys!

On that note, it gives me much pleasure to announce- well, at least nod to- a new project that we’ve just started work on. Working titled ‘Almost Live’, the project is for a locally based, TV style show for the AnyThink website. However, we’re going to need your help. We will need assistance, advice and general input from anyone with interest or experience in all aspects of production. More details coming soon, so please fire us a message if you’re interested, either via email or through Facebook.

So, in conclusion, thank you for sticking around during this unsettled period. Work here at AnyThink should be back on track super soon! And please, if you can help us with Project ‘Almost Live’, please get in touch.

The AnyThink Team

Your Views – AnyThink Magazine

Thanks to the kind folks at Ayrshire College Student Association, AnyThink is getting two of our articles printed on paper in the college magazine! The printed articles are Brodie’s ‘Vigo Daft’, and another that was written specially for us by the college. You can read both when the magazine is distributed by Ayrshire College in the new year.

However, this also got us thinking. Would there be a possibility of printing an AnyThink News magazine for wider distribution? Continue reading “Your Views – AnyThink Magazine” »

Where does the future of Ayr Odeon lead?

by Stewart Killen

ayrodeonoldThe Odeon in Ayr was built 76 years ago, making it one of the oldest Odeon cinemas in the world. It was also the first Odeon cinema to be built in Scotland, making it a true piece of historical value as well as it being the only surviving Odeon from before the Second World War. Continue reading “Where does the future of Ayr Odeon lead?” »

The Kyle: Reinventing Leisure!

By Kris Scott

IMG_03300Today we spoke to Graham Hamilton, the asset manager of The Kyle Centre, and venue manager Fiona Paton. They let us take a look at the plans for the centre, which showed an entirely renovated Kyle Centre, in the form of a 21st century leisure and entertainment facility.
Continue reading “The Kyle: Reinventing Leisure!” »