Hacker Fight – Who Wins?

by Zak McJannet

This week, we have seen a lot of arguments between the hacker groups ‘Lizard Squad’, ‘Finest Squad’ and ‘Anonymous’. You could say that this series of events got serious very quickly, and have put a huge amount of public information at risk. Continue reading “Hacker Fight – Who Wins?” »

Christmas Special

by guest writer, Sommerville Donald

How did celebrating Christmas become so popular? It certainly wasn’t always so. When I was young, everyone in Scotland worked on Christmas day. New Year was the time for celebration.

If we look back beyond the Victorian period, Christmas was just another day. Homes were not decorated except for a few sprigs of mistletoe and holly usually draped around the doors and windows. The peasant in his hovel and the rich man is his mansion had virtually the same decorations. Some rich men realised that this could lead to the poor men having pretensions; they might even believe they were equals- God forbid. The rich men commissioned paper decorations to be designed and hung from the walls to the ceiling. The poor could not afford to compete with such luxuries, of course, and so the natural status of rich and poor was reestablished. Continue reading “Christmas Special” »

World AIDS Day

by Steven Connelly

Since 1988, the World AIDS Day is held on December 1 every year. It is an international day WAD1to raise awareness about HIV and AIDS around the world. On this day, besides raising awareness of the AIDS pandemic caused by the spread of HIV infection, memorials are held to honor persons who have died from HIV/AIDS. Government and health officials also observe the event, often with speeches or forums on the AIDS topics. Since 1995, the President of the United States has made an official proclamation on World AIDS Day. Governments of other nations have followed suit and issued similar announcements.  
Continue reading “World AIDS Day” »

Crohn’s and Colitis Awareness Week

by Tom Reid

c+cukIf you have kept an ear out on social media this week, you might know that this week, from December 1st to the 7th. This worldwide event, organised by the charity Crohns and Colitis UK, aims to raise money and awareness for the thousands of people who suffer these chronic illnesses. Continue reading “Crohn’s and Colitis Awareness Week” »