Blindspot- A typical crime show?


By Kris Scott

Ever since Strike Back finished a few months ago Sullivan Stapleton would’ve been looking for more work to dig his teeth into and Blindspot came up.11988675_498683480307498_8974698613972882453_n

This is a show about a lady being found within a kit bag in the middle of Times Square, N.Y.C. covered in tattoos who has also lost her memory and does not know her own identity. The FBI discovers that each tattoo contains a clue to a crime they will have to solve.

What makes this different to other typical crime shows?

Typical crime shows don’t usually follow a pattern, they tend to have each episode fitting to a specific crime, except from the odd two parters.

Blindspot focuses on ‘Jane Doe’ where each tattoo means something thus meaning yes each episode is focused on a different crime but each tattoo solved will eventually lead to Jane’s identity and the person who put the tattoos on her and why.

Originally I thought this was a C.S.I. wannabe but I’m glad I was proved wrong, this is because I was put off C.S.I. with all its repetitiveness and also probably because Ted Danson wasn’t as good as William Petersen, and the finale was just mediocre.

So far I’ve had the chance to see the first and second episode of Blindspot and it’s making for good television. I won’t be expecting as much action and excitement as Strike Back, but Stapleton is a good actor and will prove to be an asset for this show.

Kris Scott’s AnyThink Rating- 3.5 Stars of 5


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