Bebo is back from the dead

By Frazer stobbs


Some of you old enough to remember a time before Facebook might remember Bebo, a social media website that allowed users to post blog style posts on their wall. Back in 2005, after an initial success, Bebo spent 5 years in limbo with different owners trying to resurrect it. After losing most of its users to Facebook, the original founders bought it back, shut it down, and began work on the new Bebo.

#slap BEBO

This redesigned version is now a messaging app, competing with Snapchat and WhatsApp with its own twists. In the new Bebo app you can send messages to another user, like other apps. Uniquely, however, Bebo allows users to create an avatar to represent them in the chat system, and has a lot of features built around using hashtags. For example sending a message with #slap will send the user a picture of your avatar slapping the other user’s avatar. A lot of hashtags already exist with the theme of using you avatar in picture other hashtags: #flappyhead will start a game like flappy birds but instead of flappyheada bird it is your avatars head. Other features include #location, allowing you to share your location with friends and #draw that allows you to draw a picture to send to your friends. Along with these hashtags, there are thousands of other different ones, allowing you to hashtag anything!

I personally think this will be a brilliant app and would encourage others to use it. It may be a little bit buggy at the moment, but that should quickly get fixed, when more and more people start using it.

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