Banshee Season 3: “We All Pay Eventually”

By Kris Scott

Se1004072_408697569239550_632755305_nason 3 of Banshee came to an end on Friday the 13th a date that has become infamous to be a day of unluckiness.

Warning: SPOILERS for the episode follow…

Can the same be said for this episode of Banshee?

Ofcourse not, as usual Banshee has maintained being one of the best shows on tv, going from a neo Nazi becoming a police officer and a sword wielding gangster cutting people’s heads off.

We open in Lucas Hood’s past (Real name remains unknown) and he is being mentally tortured by someone that looks like there from Special Activities Group with the name Dalton and this connects with the overall military story filled episode. Job (Hoon Lee), Sugar (Frankie Faison) and Carrie (Ivana Milicevic) are in a sticky situation still captured by Colonel Stowe (Langley Kirkwood) and his private military contractors at Camp Genoa.

From start to finish the episode remained action packed and filled with some nail hammering story lines. Kurt Bunker (Tom Pelphrey) the neo Nazi we all grew to love is being pestered by his former brothers while out with Brock (Matt Servitto) and when one of the guys call Bunker a pussy for joining the force he loses it and almost chokes the man to death.

Proctor (Ulrich Thomsen) an evil guy that maybe we are supposed to hate but he’s great. He’s on a mission of revenge now due to being tortured for a mistake his niece made but he forgives her and the Proctor A-Team consisting of Proctor, Rebecca (Lili Simmons) and Burton (Matthew Rauch) join up with the rival gang of the guys that tortured Proctor, well Hector and how this alliance came about was the gift of a nice long blade called a sword.11070182_726687267440577_562192189147427266_n

We then had some beautiful editing between Proctor and his team prepping for an assault and Hood and Gordon The Mayor (Rus Blackwell) and it didn’t stop there, after this scene we are observing Hood doing some last minute casing of the Military base and flashing back to his times in the military, Hood drives the truck to the front gate and shoots the unsuspecting P.M.C guy in the face just as Gordon pops up out the back with an assault rifle firing in multiple directions accurately taking out the bad guys (supporting his military background)

We then get some bad ass Banshee shoot outs going on, with one at a factory where Proctor is and Hector is cutting peoples arms off and heads and yeah you get the picture.

Banshee never fails to make an action scene look amazing with perfect direction and pacing, if I must say it, Banshee is like one of the few shows that does action correctly, the fight scenes are beautifully choreographed and the shootouts bloody. I’d take Banshee over an action movie any day of the week.

Banshee is also not afraid to kill people off at any ungiven second, anyone that gets millimetre close to Hood is going to die it’s certain and they weren’t shy at doing things like that in the finale. Next season is looking interesting already with some nicely constructed new arcs appearing with Bunker, Hood and now Job we can only predict that this show is going to get better and more bloodier. When I said earlier about Dalton being connected to all this, it’s a theory but there’s mention of the CIA coming in and if Dalton is Special Activities this may be our connection to next season and that past storyline. What a way to end a season guns, bullets, explosions and ofcourse swords the Banshee way of doing things.

As usual we have some very effective storytelling from the cast created by the amazing writers with good-looking direction from Loni Peristere.

I give this season an amazing 5 Stars for the effort and for being the best season to date.

Goodbye Banshee…. for now!10393791_724525700990067_6427674582996131253_n

Photos Credit: Cinemax


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