Back to the Future, again.

By Wallis Bell


So, the news came recently that we may well be getting a Back to the Future reboot. Fabulous.

Now, personally, I don’t get the obsession around the series of time traveling tales. I will go out of my way to avoid watching any if they are on TV and if anyone suggests watching it I can’t help but audibly groan.

Now, I can imagine your reaction – “What on earth is wrong with you?!” “How can you not like Back to the Future?!” “Great Scott!“. Pepper a few more expletives in there and you’ve got the most common reactions. Nonetheless, I’ve grown to quite enjoy the look on people’s faces. Like I’ve just told them that The Phantom Menace is my favourite Star Wars film. Or that I think JarJar Binks is hilarious.

Although the worst thing I can possibly imagine is even more Back to the Future, I have been wrong before with reboots. For anyone that has read my previous review of The Grinch (2018) you’ll know that I also hated the 2000’s Jim Carrey release, but was pleasantly surprised by Benedict Cumberbatch’s interpretation.

But can you really imagine anyone but Michael J. Fox playing Marty McFly? There’s no way they’d recast him in the reboot, even as Marty’s dad. Then there’s the thought of would he even want to do it? Who knows. I hope not.

What’s your thoughts? Would you like to see Michael J. Fox return but as Marty’s dad? Or perhaps a smaller role? How do you feel about dragging this film out of it’s grave to get more money?

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