Where does the future of Ayr Odeon lead?

by Stewart Killen

ayrodeonoldThe Odeon in Ayr was built 76 years ago, making it one of the oldest Odeon cinemas in the world. It was also the first Odeon cinema to be built in Scotland, making it a true piece of historical value as well as it being the only surviving Odeon from before the Second World War.

In the present day, the Odeon is one of your lower quality cinemas; that is to be expected ayrodeonnewbecause of its age, size and location which restrict many features. I believe it only has 3 working screens which means it has a low range of films to watch. It also loses a lot of potential customers due to these reasons, as they opt to go to the modern Odeon in Kilmarnock (which has a large car park and has a couple of restaurant’s next to it), and which has a wider range of films due to it having a lot more screens – all on the ground floor which makes it friendly to disabled people while at Ayr it has screens up stairs.

The Odeon in Ayr may come under even more pressure if the plans to upgrade the Kyle Centre happen, which is meant to have a new cinema installed upstairs that can seat up to 200 people. I think if the new cinema is built and takes the customers away from the Odeon it will be shut down, or could perhaps be converted into a special cinema museum to show off its long and diverse history.  

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