Are E-Sports really a sport?

by Zak McJannet

ES1Many people call Electronic or Video Game Sports ‘invalid’, and don’t consider them a sport at all. Personally, I believe that E-Sports is a ‘real’ sport, as the point of sport is to give entertainment to a audience. E-Sports rakes in massive viewership, from individuals scrimming to professional competitions. It truly is a sport on the rise.

As of the 29th of November 2014, the DreamHack Counter Strike Global Offensive keyart-comp-01competition has over 108,000 people viewing live – this is a massive accomplishment for a sport that started a mere 15 or so years ago. Massive E-Sports teams such as Optic and FNATIC (of call of duty and csgo respectively) have thousands and thousands of fans. It is astonishing that people can making a good living off of other people’s pastimes, and shows that an average guy can make money from something they love.

If sports are all about bringing entertainment to their passionate fans, then E-Sports are just as valid as any other.

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