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K11149384_1041773892502920_1894860936701392475_nristopher Scott

I’ve been part of the productions since the very beginning. My first film Secrets Lie in the Shadows was an AnyThink Production posted on YouTube. After that we have just got better and my passion for film making has increased. My latest film Ravenheart a Scottish, horror mystery film done much better, we just hope as time passes with each project we do they get better and better.

Writer/ Director/ Producer/ Creator.

Heather M. Brown       a8egihrjvhuog8kwptzy

Heather is an Edinburgh based graduate of the Brighton Film School, and has been heavily involved in low budget filmmaking for the past 10 years.
Her previous credits include ‘Happiest Day’, which currently boasts over 455k views online, and ‘A Common Connection’, which received a standing ovation at the Sofia International Film Festival last year.  She is currently working on the upcoming feature films ‘Coming Home’ and ‘Trigger Happy’, alongside a selection of independent short films. 

Writer/ Director/ Producer/ Creator.                                                                                                            

Laura McGowan

I44664303_2208642019413875_1869704735460687872_n-2‘ve always been into make up, started doing more about 3 years ago and started seriously probably about a year ago. Still studying but in my final year as far as academics go in Scotland (no degree course up here for make up) I definitely love the conceptual special effects route and do a lot of work like that, as well as a lot of fashion/photography. Currently focusing on building a solid portfolio with the view to specialise eventually in prosthetics for media. As far as hobbies go I like keeping my kids alive and I run a lot, do a lot                                                                                  of half marathons/10ks etc

Make Up Artist


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