10 Cloverfield Lane – Review by Kris Scott


MV5BMjEzMjczOTIxMV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwOTUwMjI3NzE@._V1__SX1303_SY615_Howard Stambler (John Goodman): I’m sorry, but no one’s looking for you.

Haunting words for the beginning of a film, wouldn’t you agree. 10 Cloverfield Lane is a tension driven drama that we view through the eyes of Michelle (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) a confused car accident victim who wakes in a bunker owned by one Howard Stambler (John Goodman). The majority of the film takes place within Stamblers underground ‘safe place’ adding to the tension.


I completed some research on the so called Cloverfield ‘sequel’ spiritual or not and found that it had it’s ups and downs. So when I was going in I kept the belief that it would be somewhat good, but I was definitely blown away. The performances by Goodman, Winstead and John Gallagher, Jr were top notch.

Goodman was a great psychopath that you wanted to trust at some points but then the rug gets pulled from under you and you want them to kill him. 10-awesome-things-in-the-10-cloverfield-lane-trailer-just-a-nice-family-dinner-nothing-791859

Dan Trachtenberg the director of the film done splendidly with this restricted narrative piece how the film is set in a confined space backed by alot of use of close ups and filling the frame with all the characters in one shot suggesting visually how confined it really is. All the knowledge we want to know about everything outside that room is also confined to the people in there and what they think they know, but can we really trust what they have to say.

Throughout there were some good uses of foreshadowing as at one point Gallaghers character Emmet is putting together a jigsaw puzzle and mentions how there are pieces missing (this being the cats eye) which foreshadows when Michelle defends herself against Stambler injuring his face with acid; really, really strong acid. During a conversation  later on with Michelle, Emmet mentions Stamblers theory about space worms. This directly foreshadows the physical appearance of the alien thing that Michelle encounters at the climax  10-cloverfield-lane-is-probably-not-a-sequel-and-that-s-okay-800537.

So how does this connect with the first film?

The only connection I found was that Stambler states he worked on satellites for the military. Michelle glances at an envelope in the bunker from a company called Bold Futura which is a subsidiary of Tagruato Inc (The guy in the first film was going to Japan with this company). Bold Futura is the company responsible for the satellite that is seen crashing into the ocean at the end of Cloverfield (2008) which is what is believed to be responsible for disturbing the creature. So does this make it a sequel or does J.J. Abrams just reuse the same names because he can?

AnyThink Reviews Verdict: – 5 Stars

For giving us this piece of mystery that you’d likely see in an episode of Criminal Minds, minus the aliens ofcourse.


What’s your opinion?


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